108 Sun Salutes in the Park

"What's not to love?" That's the theme of our 8th edition of 108 Sun Salutes at Belmont Park Exeter. Similarly to the last year's edition we will be supporting Exeter Respect Festival and unity in diversity with a sequence of 108 sun salutes led by 17 different teachers.

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Week of awareness “Be Well”

Are you an employee at Blue Chip Holidays? It's time for a week of awareness – "Be Well".

On Thursday, 25th May, our leading teacher Paula at The Yogi will guide you through a sequence of yoga techniques and exercises to help you relieve stress, boost energy and correct your body posture. All accessories will be provided. Simply come along and join the class whether you have little, none or plenty of experience with yoga. The class will be engaging and accessible for everyone! We start at 8:30am, in the lunch area.

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