Yoga Techniques & Exercises is a video series that you can implement in your daily routines easily, whether you are a beginner or already familiar with yoga. Enjoy!



Before you start your yoga practice take into consideration your mental and physical health, reduce eating & drinking before the practice starts and...

The Right Attitude


Yoga is ultimately about the right attitude. So next time you practise try to perform all the exercises with grace and elegance, focusing on quality over quantity.

Start With The Breath


It all begins with the breath. Yoga gives you a complete system for mental, physical and spiritual development, which cannot be achieved through physical exercises alone.

Physical Warm-Up


Yoga offers a set of preliminary exercises which will help you to go deeper into the physical postures, minimise the chance of injuries and assure that you work within your limits.

A Pose to Relax and Energise


Does your life seem moving too fast? Make a conscious choice to step back & relax. Here is how.

Puppy Pose


Another long day at the office? Try Puppy pose to stretch your spine and shoulders, and at the same time calm your mind.

Preparation for Balance Poses


It may come as surprise that the balance and core stability we develop through yoga comes handy in our daily life. But the physical coordination is only one step away from the emotional and spiritual balance as well. Try our balancing Upward Stretch to check how steady your mind and body are and where you may require some more work to lead a happier life.

Top 5 Tips for the Perfect Downward-Dog Pose

Top Tips

The Downward Dog pose is a staple of any yoga practice. Many yogis do it every day for all its amazing benefits. With a set of tiny self-adjustments outlined in our latest video you can make the most of the pose just by yourself. Discover how good it is for you, and let us know how many of the tips you were familiar with already.

Top 3 Variations of Plank Pose

Top Variations

Planks are one of the best workouts for your core. But why your core strength is so important? Briefly speaking, abdominal muscles provide support for your entire back and spinal column. The only way to let them perform this function successfully is strengthening them on a regular basis. How about doing the following top 3 plank variations every day?

Top 3 Tips For Bridge Pose

Top Tips

Open your heart and release the spine with another backbend from our series. Start gently, warming-up both your body and mind. When you are ready get into Bridge pose and perfect it in 3 simple steps. When you are done, exhale and slowly roll down, vertebra by vertebra.

Alleviate Insomnia With Legs Up The Wall Pose


If you suffer from insomnia you will find many yoga poses to alleviate the condition. Legs-Up-the-Wall pose is just one of many but such a nice one! It will give your blood circulation a gentle boost to rebalance you after a long day of standing, or sitting.

Strengthen Your Core with Boat Pose


Today we propose you Boat Pose which improves balance and confidence, tones and strengthens the abdominal muscles, and even stretches the hamstrings if performed with straight legs. The pose is associated with willpower and strength of character so it will hopefully give you enough energy to face your upcoming challenges.

Releasing Tight Hamstrings


Many of our students practise yoga to complement other sports activities, mainly running, cycling and playing football. They often struggle with tight hamstrings which can make many more-advanced poses challenging for them. To release this tension we recommend the Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe pose.

Top 3 Variations of Seated Forward Bends

Top Variations

Try out our quick forward bends tutorial to soothe your mind and promote lower-body flexibility, and observe how your spine, hips and groins wake up while your shoulders and hamstrings unwind. We hope this unwinds your whole day too.

Self-Massage – The Gift of Self-Love


Take your emotional, mental and physical health into your own hands with yoga self-massage techniques – a wonderful way to start and finish off the day. The techniques consist of tapping, patting and pounding the various muscles. They enhance the energy circulation as well as promoting health and a sense of wellbeing.

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