I believe that the rich teachings and practices of Yoga and Buddhism are meant to be easily accessible to everyone to facilitate health and personal growth.

Over the past years, my classes reached yoga studios, gyms, conference rooms, parks, beaches, yachts, festivals, retreats, and Youtube, promoting deep-rooted personal development and wellbeing. My students reported feeling restored and rejuvenated after each session.

Let's explore how my teachings can specifically help you. I'm here to assist you in Haṭha Yoga, mindfulness-based Yoga for stress management, and personal development. I will look into arranging a free taster session designed especially for your needs to help us reveal the best plan for going forward.

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Paula Kaminska, Teacher & Founder at THE YOGI.

I founded THE YOGI in 2015, focusing on incorporating key principles of Yoga into everyone's life. My core Yoga teachings are based on the standard eight auxiliaries of Rāja Yoga (Pātañjala Yoga), traditional Haṭha Yoga, Dr Pillai's system of kriyā, prāṇāyāma and meditation, with a spiritual blessing from Svāmī Śivānanda Paramahaṃsa (of Kerala, India).

Each my Yoga class combines meditation (dhyāna) with physical exercises (āsana), deep relaxation (śavāsana & nidrā), mindfulness, breathing and purification techniques (prāṇāyāma & kriyā) as well as lifestyle guidance (yamas & niyamas) to promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, overall health, clarity, balance and peace.

In my practice, every part of the individual is perceived as intimately interconnected and fully understood only within the context of the whole. In this holistic approach, all aspects of one's whole being are nourished and balanced through the heightened awareness and integration of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self-development.

Intending to experience balance within every aspect of one's being, it's a way of life that anyone can put into practice.


Haṭha Yoga

Rāja Yoga

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My deep interest in personal development was revealed very early with a love for martial arts.

I was drawn by recurring themes of spiritual and philosophical development achievable through individual meditation and training. There was a particular recognition of self-consciousness, intent, inner peace, breathing techniques and medicinal practices.


I am a registered, insured and fully qualified Holistic Yoga Teacher trained by the Devon School of Yoga (500 hours), following on from successful completion of the DSY's Foundation Yoga program.

"The word 'Mahatma' it means great soul
and it's inside of us just waiting to unfold."

MC Yogi, musician


In 2008, I completed my first Yoga-based personal development program with the Art of Living Foundation which inspired me with a desire to join the community of teachers.

Since then I have been seeking out my path through various schools of Buddhism, Yoga, relaxation, meditation, mindfulness, personal development, and psychology.


My Yoga lineage can be traced back to Svāmī Śivānanda Paramahaṃsa, the founder of the Siddha Samaj path. He greatly influenced Dr B. Padmanabha Pillai in his early years, who soon became a Yoga and martial arts adept. In 1949, Dr Pillai became the director of the Institute of Yogic Culture in Kerala, India.

The principal teacher, founder and director of the Devon School of Yoga, Duncan Hulin, spent three consecutive Winters in South India studying with Dr Pillai. Duncan's input into the world of Yoga inspired me to move to the South West of England in 2013, where his school is based. I have been learning Duncan's approach to Yoga ever since then.

Svāmī Śivānanda Paramahaṃsa


Dr B. Padmanabha Pillai


Duncan Hulin

United Kingdom



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